Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo 2.0

On July 15, 2013 David McCollough was onboard the Gunboat 66 Phaedo, racing in the Transpac, when the rig came crashing down. 20 minutes after the mast snapped, the professional crew had the boat secured and slowly motoring back to Newport Beach, California. It only took a few hours, and the always forward thinking Lloyd Thornburg, began to ask “what is next” for Phaedo. This discussion launched a year-long design & engineering effort that McCollough Yachts has had the pleasure to lead. The yacht is transformed, and exceeding expectations. The innovations are in the details.


Particulars – Phaedo 2.0

Length Overall

68 ft

20.7 m


    45,000 lbs   

    20.4 – 22.7 Tonnes

 Beam Overall

28.5 ft

8.7 m

 Max Draft 

12.8 ft

3.9 m

 Air Draft – Stock

100 ft

30.5 m

 Upwind Sail Area

2521 ft2

234 m2


2 x 75 hp

Phaedo Gunboat Yacht Sailing

Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo Gunboat Sailing

Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo Gunboat Sailing Catamaran

Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo Gunboat Sailing Yacht

Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo Gunboat 2.0 Yacht

Phaedo 2.0

Phaedo 2.0 Gunboat Sailing Yacht

Phaedo 2.0

Project Partners – Phaedo 2.0

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