Sailing Yachts

Sailing Yachts

Those who are absorbed with the power of the wind and waves know who you are.  McCollough Yachts shares your passion, and can facilitate your vision.  The latest technology combined with America’s Cup experience is producing sailing yachts that reach new heights of luxury, speed, efficiency, comfort, and style.


Gunboats Sailing Yachts


Phaedo 2.0 Sailing Yacht

Phaedo 2.0

Dispatch 68 Sailing Yacht

Dispatch 68

Metropolitan 125 Sailing Yacht

Metropolitan 125

Mighty Merloe 60 Sailing Yacht

Mighty Merloe 60

BN72 Sailing Yacht


Gata 78 Sailing Yacht

Gata 78

Windfall 58 Sailing Yacht

Windfall 58