Neil Rock

Captain Sailing Yacht-Tiger Lily

"From initial design concept, to manufacture, to installation, David did an excellent job in selecting magnificent trades people and personally overseeing the project was completed with complete satisfaction. Thanks David and many thanks to the boys at Front Street."

Lloyd Thornburg

Owner Sailing Yacht - Phaedo

“Properly executed yacht design and engineering services pay for themselves before you leave the dock. Failures are simply too costly in terms of lost time, financial impact, and safety risks. David McCollough and his team understand this, and I have found them to be a trustworthy partner in my yachting endeavors.”

Travis McGarry

Captain Sailing Yacht - SLIM

“Having worked on performance cruisers since 2005, the boats are ever evolving as technology and design continue to advance. I have worked with David on many projects throughout the years. His key focus is improving the safety and performance of the various vessels to meet the demands we put on the boats. What stands out the most about David is his integrity and dedication to each and every project. He treats every project as if it’s his most important, resulting in near perfection. Boats are very personal to their owners and thus each boat requires something different out of the design to meet the owners’ needs. This is where David differentiates himself from the rest of his fellow colleagues. He applies the unique requests to satisfy the owners’ needs, and that sets the foundation for whatever he designs. Because of that essential component, David has always completed our design improvements while making the boat safer and faster. This establishes a high grade of confidence within the crew and owners to take the new design improvements to sea. David is Slim’s official ‘Go to Man’ whenever we have safety or performance questions as he has earned our trust 100%.”